Four — the Christian

What if this were a test?

A test from God. To see who could comply, to see who could fend off the temptations. To see who could sit quietly and patiently, knowing that this too shall pass, to see who was willing to learn the lesson He is leaving behind all of this. I do very much believe that He has a reason for this. And I do believe that most will be too motivated by satiating their impulses to notice. But I believe that those who hold God closest to heart will hear the lesson loud and clear. He has many ways of testing us, but this one is perhaps his biggest test yet. To feel compassion for those who are undergoing devastating circumstances, to summon the resilience to resist the urge to selfishly disregard this virus in pursuit of the superficial impulses that we think make us happy. I will prove my commitment to You… I accept Your challenge.