America was built upon a revolution. A revolution for freedom against oppressive forces operating under the confiscation of indelible human rights and liberty. And oh how we proved so vigorously that our liberties could not be infringed upon. It is perhaps upon this promise of freedom, and liberty, that we architected a country of unbelievable global influence and power. We are the result of this revolution, and the revolution lives within us.

The courageous American must not forget the responsibility to preserve the sanctity of liberty, no matter the enemy.

This time, the enemy has come in a new form—a pernicious, invisible and unfamiliar plague, waiting to pounce upon those not serious enough about the preservation of American freedom, not serious enough about the safety of their neighbors, and families. This virus, could cost millions of American lives, could destroy the American economy, and upend the advantage we hold over the rest of the world. But luckily, we are far too American, to let that happen.


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